Get Under Our Skin...

Welcome to Sorted Skin! A no-nonsense, microbiome-based skincare brand that does things differently. 

We understand the impact that problem skin can have on your day-to-day life, and, like you, we’re fed up with solutions that only make the problem worse. 

We don’t believe in masking irritated skin with beauty products or suppressing the skin’s natural response with steroids and paraffin. Instead, we focus on giving skin everything it needs to thrive. 

Our new Sorted Skin range uses naturally-active ingredients and prebiotics to focus on long-term, sustainable condition management, with products that can be used every day, multiple times a day. 

Want to get even further under our skin? Here are a few words from our Founder Tim Driver about how Sorted Skin came about…

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the world of skincare. 

My name’s Tim Driver and I’m the proud founder of Sorted Skin.

I grew up in Yorkshire where I was surrounded by family-run businesses. It’s safe to say that seemed the natural path for me as well, and at the ripe age of 18 I took an opportunity with my father to branch into the tanning lotion sector - and thus my journey into the skincare industry began. 

Since then I have worked for a large number of skincare, haircare and beauty brands and more recently played a role in formulating and bringing some major problem skincare brands to the global market. Sorted Skin was born from an accumulation of the many years of experience and passion that has come from being in the industry for so long.


What inspired you to establish your own brand and what is the philosophy around it?

Being in the industry for over 35 years, you end up noticing what other brands aren’t doing, which eventually progressed into what I’d want to do differently. 

I’ve seen first hand the impact skin problems can have on a person's mental health and confidence, and so striving to develop a range of products that I knew would really change peoples lives was a huge motivator. 

Often skincare brands will use a handful of very powerful ingredients, which, if overused, can actually cause more issues than they solve. I wanted to be the positive change in the skincare industry - a no-nonsense brand that provides the skin with the prebiotic nutrients it needs to heal and repair itself - and that's exactly what Sorted Skin is! 

Everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t.


What makes Sorted Skin different to other skincare brands in the industry?

Put simply, our no-nonsense approach to skin health.

The skin is an amazing organ that knows how to look after itself - overtime exposure to allergens, pollutants and even some harsher skin products can strip the skin of what needs to look after itself. At Sorted Skin, we believe in equipping the skin with exactly what it needs to heal and repair itself. That's why our strapline is ‘A Balanced Diet for Your Skin’. We put skin health first, not skin beauty, because healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Often people with problem skin end up having to lean on prescription and pharmacy products that provide short-term relief but usually at a longer term cost. Sorted Skin is the safe, natural alternative for everyday skincare.


How did you go about sourcing the right ingredients?

Research, time, and patience!

Over the years, I’m lucky enough to have surrounded myself with the best and most knowledgeable cosmetic chemists and biomedical scientists in the business, all of whom provided me with valuable experience working with natural ingredients that support the skin’s natural health. 

However, with Sorted Skin, I knew I wanted to be providing something unique, something that I could feel confident would make a difference - skin care that could be used everyday, multiple times a day and still provide that relief from discomfort without the negative consequences- and that took time. 

We have certainly had to navigate a few bumps in the road, especially with the global pandemic, but it ultimately led us to sourcing state-of-the-art, groundbreaking natural ingredients that we are proud of! 


If you had to choose one favourite product from your range, what would it be?

Oh, I’d have to say our 5 in 1 Anti-Redness Day Cream.

Not only was it the first product we developed, it also took an enormous amount of time and research to balance the five key benefits without jeopardising the formula and finish. But 25 versions later here we are with a unique product that not only conceals but actually deals with the underlying causes of redness that lay beneath. The best of both worlds! 

People can wear this product with confidence knowing it’s not just masking and potentially causing more problems, but it’s actually addressing the cause. 



How would you describe Sorted Skin in three words?



Lastly, if you could change one thing about the skincare industry, what would it be?

For skincare brands to stop selling dreams. Sadly, the industry is full of misleading marketing ploys that don’t put skin health first. No amount of creams, lotions or serums will make a person look 20 years old again. 

The focus needs to shift towards embracing and protecting the skin we live in, as ultimately that’s what will keep it looking happy and healthy for longer. 

My hope is that Sorted Skin can be a part of this change in attitude.