The latest trending ingredient in the world of skincare and health, Ashwagandha is everywhere and has been used for hundreds of years in holistic health practices. But, what’s the deal? We’re here to give you the 101 on all things Ashwagandha, the benefits, and why this skin saviour is a must for your everyday skincare routine.

Ashwagandha is another term for Indian Ginseng. Maybe this is a little more familiar to you, maybe not, but we’ll clear the rest up. Native to India and Southeast Asia, this naturally-active ingredient has countless benefits to keep your skin and body healthy. Here’s the breakdown:


Ashwagandha protects from high energy visible light (HEVL). This is the blue light emitted from your screens; that means your phones, tablets, computers, TVs. Blue light is able to penetrate the skin even deeper than UVA or UVB rays, causing hyperpigmentation, inflammation and redness in the skin, and can even lead to premature ageing. Acting as a natural block to blue light, Ashwagandha helps keep that inflammation at bay, so your skin can stay free from unwanted skin flare-ups.


Loaded with antioxidants, your skin’s defence squad, Ashwagandha helps fight the causes of premature ageing, skin damage and the appearance of dull skin. Packed with anti-inflammatory powers, you can say goodbye to irritation and redness, making it super effective in aiding to clear up conditions like Eczema and Acne. 


Skin in need of a boost? Ashwagandha is known to promote collagen production in the skin, so it can maintain its natural elasticity and fullness as you age. Adding Ashwagandha into your daily skincare routine means fewer fine lines, improved skin elasticity and a radiant complexion.

Ready to give it a try? Our 5 in 1 Anti-Redness Day Cream SPF50 contains this natural skincare saviour, helping keep your delicate skin protected from damaging blue light, reducing inflammation and boosting collagen production in your skin. Protect your skin from inflammation just in time for summer, while giving your skin the boost of radiance you’ve been looking for.


  • Ashwagandha protects the skin from blue light. This light is emitted from screens and can cause inflammation in the skin and digital ageing.
  • With anti-inflammatory properties, Ashwagandha calms the storm in your skin and leaves it feeling soothed and protected.
  • Rich in antioxidants, Ashwagandha gets to work targeting the causes of skin damage, dullness or premature ageing.
  • Known to boost collagen production and maintain skin elasticity, Ashwagandha helps with keeping your skin feeling full and plump as you age.