Are those pesky red bumps causing you trouble? Acne triggers can be hard to pinpoint, and those seemingly relentless flare-ups can leave you feeling down. To help you take control of your skin journey, here are some easy tips and acne-friendly rituals that you can implement this Acne Awareness Month to leave you feeling empowered and help keep your acne at bay.


There are many different types of acne, such as nodular acne, hormonal acne, back acne and fungal acne. Understanding what type you may be dealing with will help you figure out how best to prevent or treat it. There are also different forms of blemishes, from pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Each of these may require a different approach to treatment, so really getting to know your skin is a must when starting your skincare journey.


Clear, radiant skin starts from the inside out. Studies show that eating a healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods can prevent acne flare-ups. In particular, research shows that foods that are low-glycaemic and high in protein can help improve acne.

Add foods such as kale, sweet potatoes, lemon, berries, legumes, papaya, quinoa, and salmon to your grocery list to help reduce acne and keep your skin looking its best.


Acne or not, letting your skin breathe feels so liberating. For Acne Awareness Month, we encourage you to go make-up free, even if it’s just for one day. Give your skin the chance to shine!

If you need some bare-faced motivation, there’s a whole #acnepositivity movement on social media you can tap into. Feeling confident in your skin is an inside job, and going make-up-free is a simple way to tap into that inner power that’s already within you.


The smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. Here’s three easy rituals you can implement that can help keep acne at bay.

DISINFECT YOUR PHONE - Given that we’re constantly touching our phones, they tend to harbour a lot of unwanted bacteria that can upset our skin. It’s a great idea to regularly cleanse your phone with an antibacterial wipe, especially before you touch it directly to your face. 

WEAR SPF DAILY - SPF helps prevent inflammation of the skin, so you’re not putting any extra unnecessary stress on your skin. Stick to sunscreens that are lightweight and free from pore-clogging ingredients that can trigger breakouts.

CLEANSE YOUR FACE - Sweat, dirt, and pollution builds up on your skin throughout the day, which can cause your skin to break out. Washing your face twice a day (morning and night) with a gentle cleanser or wash helps remove all those impurities.

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