It’s no secret that men are notorious for avoiding the topic of health issues, and often suffer in silence as a result. This Men’s Health Week, we are encouraging the conversation around skin health and wellbeing, even the awkward stuff. 

From face, body, down-below and everything in between, it’s important to keep your skin in peak health and give it everything it needs to be able to care for itself. Our prebiotic skincare formulas provide a balanced diet for your skin, feeding the friendly bacteria that lives in your skin’s microbiome. Hack your skin health from top-to-toe with 4 easy tips to help maintain a healthy balance of your kind-to-skin bacteria.


Itchy, inflamed, or flaking skin? Keep your skin free from flare ups with naturally-active ingredients that soothe, calm and support. The Intensive Rescue Range is formulated with Aloe Vera to aid in skin regeneration, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil to fight inflammation and Chicory Root Extract to feed the good bacteria in the skin. SKIN HACK: Apply a few sprays of the Intensive Rescue Spray to hands and pat onto areas of the face affected by razor burn, to reduce inflammation and promote skin healing.


Men get thrush too! Manage your symptoms of itching and soreness with the Intimate Hygiene Duo, formulated with anti-bacterial and antifungal Lemon Peel Oil to fight against Candida (the yeast responsible for thrush). Men have a greater level of sweat production than women, so bacteria, fungus and odours can develop easily down-below. SKIN HACK: In a rush after a session at the Gym? Freshen up on the go with the Intimate Hygiene Spray, for instant relief from itching, discomfort and odour in the intimate area.


Sweaty socks, public showers and tight shoes can contribute to the growth of fungus on the feet, often resulting in Athlete’s Foot. Our products don’t just help with fungus down below. SKIN HACK: Grab our Intimate Hygiene Duo, give your feet a wash and a quick spritz, and let the fungus-fighting ingredients do their thing.


As men generally have less interest in skincare than women, they tend to be more reluctant to apply sun protection which can leave skin susceptible to sun damage and conditions such as melanoma. Daily use of a broad spectrum SPF will prevent premature skin ageing, pigmentation, and sun damage. SKIN HACK: Suffering from redness? Instantly conceal, while SPF50 protects from UVA and UVB rays with our 5 in 1 Anti-Redness Day Cream SPF50.

Health on the inside and out should always be prioritised. So, take a moment to check in with your body and find out what it really needs. Easy changes can give you the health boost you’ve been needing, and leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident. Ready to hack your skin health? Explore the full Sorted Skin range.